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DID YOU KNOW....TriLakes Regional Sewer District is a public agency.  We are classified as a 'political subdivision.'   Our core objective is to provide quality sanitary sewer service at a reasonable rate and to respond to our customer's service problems in a timely manner.  We are a not-for-profit agency, which basically means that we base our rates only on the amount of money we need to operate.

BOARD MEETINGS AND YOUR RIGHTS....As a public agency, our Board of Trustees meetings--normally held on the second Monday of each month--are open to the public. Per the Open Door Law (IC 5-14-1.5)  anyone can attend these meetings; they can record them and/or video tape them.   Speaking at a meeting is a privilege that we grant to allow our customers the opportunity to express concerns and/or to offer suggestions.  The Open Door Law does not guarantee the right to speak at a public meeting, however.  We ask that anyone wishing to address the Board for any reason, contact the office at 691-2820 and request to be placed on the agenda at least one week prior to any scheduled meeting.  You will be asked to provide a brief overview of what your discussion topic will be.   In most instances, all requests will be honored.

ACCESSING RECORDS....As a public agency, we are also obligated to provide access to public documents, with certain exceptions, upon request.  Anyone wishing to view or have copied any public document of the District must complete a form which can be obtained from the District office.  Any request for the inspection or copying of a public record must identify with reasonable particularity the record being requested.  We will make records available to you in the office and/or we will copy records (there is a fee of 10 cents per copy) for you.  If you make the request in our office, we will respond within 24 hours (same time next business day) of the request.  If you mail, fax, or email the request for a public record, we will respond within seven calendar days of the receipt of the request.  If the request is denied, we will notify you of the denial and the statutory reason for nondisclosure of the record.

WANT TO BE A BOARD MEMBER?  If you are a rate payer within our District or an elected official who represents customers within our District and are interested in serving as one of our seven Board of Trustee members, you will need to contact us or your Township Trustee and make your interest known.  The Trustees (Etna-Troy-1 Board position, Thorncreek-3 Board positions, Smith-Green-1 Board position, and Noble-2 Board positions) are the ones who make the actual appointment to our Board.  When a vacancy occurs or the term of a current member ends, the District sends out a 'request to serve' call (via the monthly customer billing or other method) to customers in the township where the vacancy is to occur.  The Township Trustee is also notified that an appointment is pending.  Those persons interested can 'throw their name into the hat' by calling the District office and/or, again, by contacting their Township Trustee.  

Board members must be available on the second Monday of each month to attend all scheduled meetings.  Board members should always put the well being of the District as a whole before any personal interest.  Board members are responsible for compliance with all State and Federal laws pertaining to sanitary sewer operations.  They have a legal responsibility to protect the District's assets, validate major contracts, avoid conflicts of interest, enact policies and procedures, develop bylaws and ordinances, and generally have a basic understanding of system operations.  They are also responsbile to listen to customer concerns in their areas of representation that are not satisfactorily addressed by the District administration, and report these questions/concerns to the entire Board for resolution.