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Our District was started in the middle 1970's by a group of very dedicated (and persistent) residents of the TriLakes area, headed by Clifford Creason. (Cliff still provides invaluable consulting services to the District staff and/or Board as needed or requested.)   This group of individuals devoted many long and tedious hours to getting a centralized sewer system to serve the TriLakes  and Crooked Lake areas.  The first customers went on line in 1993.  The second phase came in with the construction of Northern Heights Elementary School in 1999.  This phase included the lake areas of Big Lake, Loon Lake, New Lake, Old Lake, and Goose Lake.  These customers went on line in 2001. We currently serve just a little over 1800 customers per month district wide.

The District is governed by a seven-member Board of Trustees.  These seven people are officially appointed by Township Trustees as follows:  In Whitley County, one member from Etna-Troy Township, one member from Smith-Green Township, and three members from Thorncreek Township.  In Noble County, there are two members appointed by the Noble Township Trustee.   Each trustee serves a four-year term, unless appointed to fill the unexpired term of a trustee who has resigned, moved out of the District, passed away, or left for other reasons. If you are a property owner in your lake township and you are interested in serving as a Board member, contact your Township Trustee or the District Administrator to be placed on a list for consideration whenever a vacancy occurs or a term ends.  

The Board normally meets on the second Monday of each month, although this date can change due to work and other conflicts with the trustees or due to lack of agenda items.  As required, the monthly meeting date/time is advertised in the Columbia City Post & Mail at the end of December for the following new year.  Only special meetings, meeting cancellations, or rescheduled meeting dates/times are posted in the paper as needed.  Notices of all Board activity are also posted in the District Office. The day-to-day operations of the District are managed by the District Administrator, Heather Palan, and a Bookkeeper, Carol Cuney.  We have the expertise and support of Mike Seigel for maintenance.  He and his technicians provide quality service to all customers on a 24/7, 365-day basis and maintain all of the facilities within the District.  We also have a Level 1 Certified Operator, Ryan Egolf, who does the required wastewater sampling, testing, discharging, reporting, etc., required by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

Our office is located at 5240 N. Old 102, Columbia City. Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  The after-hours emergency phone number is  260-609-9680.  If there is no return call when leaving a message on this number, call the supervisor's number at 260-609-9681. 

We have six vacuum stations located on Colony Avenue (TriLakes), Woodstrail (Crooked Lake), Fry Road (Crooked Lake), Spear Road (Crooked Lake), Union Street (Big Lake), and 700 N (Loon Lake).  Pictures of our facilities can be found on the Photos page.

We have four lift stations located on W. Hill Drive (Goose Lake), 700 N & Old Lake Road (New/Old Lake), SR 109 (Northern Heights School), and 350 E (Lagoon Site).  Pictures of our facilities can be found on the Photos page.

We also have a three-cell lagoon which is located on Whitley County Road 350 E.  Pictures of the lagoons can be found on the Photos page.