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BILLING:  Rates  effective June 1st, 2020 reflected on July 1st 2020 Billing. 

Tri-Lakes Regional Sewer District bills customers on the first day of the month for the previous month's service.  We currently bill single-family residential customers in three flat rates: $30.07 for Phase I (Tri-Lakes and Crooked lake residences, along with Phase II customers who paid their debt-service money upfront);  $61.11 (Phase II customers who did not pay the debt-service money upfront).  Vacant lots Phase II Customers paying the debt-service and billing portions only; $34.30.   Full payment is due on each account by the 20th of the month.   After the 20th, a 10% penalty is added to the amount owed (see IC 36-9-23-31).  Businesses, churches, schools, rentals, and apartments are charged on a different rate schedule than these three residential rates.

Our billing structure, by ordinance, is split into three different parts: $3.26 is allotted for billing, $26.81 is allotted for operations/maintenance of the system, and the final part is allotted for debt-service repayment.  The debt-service portion of the bill for Phase I customers was paid off January 2015. Phase II customers debt-service it is $31.04.  The debt-service amount will change only if/when the initial debt is repaid in full, OR if a refinance of the current debt is approved by the Board of Trustees, OR a new debt is required for repairs, replacements, and/or expansion of the system.  The other two portions--billing and operations/maintenance--can be adjusted through approved rate increases if costs associated with these areas rise and/or fall.  Indiana Code 13-26-11-15 allows districts to increase their rates by 5% per year without remonstrance.  Any rate increase, however, will always be communicated to our customers as dictated by regulation.  It is the intent of this district to keep rate increases as low as possible and required as infrequently as possible.

Bills can be paid at the District Office in person or by using the drop box by the front door of our building, by sending payment through the US Postal Service, by signing up for our automatic payment (auto transfer from customer's financial institution to our financial institution on the 20th of each month), or by debit/credit card payment (with a 3% convenience fee which is required by the SBOA).  We do, respectfully, ask that you always return the top portion of your monthly bill along with your payment.  The Indiana State Board of Accounts requires that we keep these copies on file in our office when payment is made and posted to your account.  If the billing stub does not accompany your payment, we have to create one for the file.

You can sign up for the auto transfer (of monthly payment) program by clicking on the Electronic Payment Form above and printing off the form.  Or, you can call us at 691-2820 or email us at tlrsd@earthlink.net, and we will send you the form to be completed. This form must be filled out and sent back to us at least two weeks before the scheduled payment date on which you wish the transfer to begin.  If you are an automatic payment customer, you will NOT continue to receive a monthly bill unless (1) you specifically request to receive one, or (2) we have important information to share with all of our customers via the billing process.  Customers who take advantage of the EFT payment process will never experience a late fee unless there is insufficient funds in their account to transfer.  When that is the case, the customer will also incur a $27.50 NSF fee.

We also accept debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover) payments in person or over the phone.  There is a 3% convenience fee (required by the SBOA) added to the billed amount for this service.

Customers are expected to pay their monthly sewer fees in full by the 20th of each month.  When this is not possible, we will work with the customer--at their request--on a short-term, alternate schedule.  We will be as flexible as possible with our customers as we can be.  However, it cannot be stressed enough the importance of just paying monthly to avoid late fees and other penalties.

When a customer's account falls into arrears (not paid in full and on time), there is a risk of sanitary sewer disconnection.  This termination of service may occur at any time on/after the 5th day of the month following your missed payment.  A yellow 'warning' tag will be placed on a door of the residence one day prior to the actual disconnection of service, giving the customer time to either pay or make a payment arrangement with our billing office. If payment is not received by noon on the following day, and no contact has been initiated by the customer to the billing office, disconnection of service will occur.  A green disconnect tag will then be placed on the door indicating that service has been terminated, and the County Board of Health will be notified of the disconnection.

PLEASE NOTE:  We will only yellow tag (warn) a residence three times in a one-year period.  After that, we may simply disconnect without notice when bills are left unpaid and/or when there is no communication from the property owner on when we can expect payment of an overdue amount.

Disconnection of sewer service adds an immediate $150 to the customer's account.  Additional reconnect fees are added every three months that service is disconnected.  While disconnected, the operation and maintenance portion (only) of the monthly sewer bill will be dropped. Service will not be restored until all fees have been paid in full.

In addition to disconnection, sewer tax liens will be filed against the property for all amounts owed.  These fees will be billed along with the property taxes. 

All returned checks or EFT transfers which are unsuccessful will be charged a $27.50 service fee.   Customers will be notified as soon as we receive notice of the returned check or unsuccessful EFT and given one week to pay the amount of the check/transfer plus the $27.50 service fee.  If left unpaid, the Whitley County Prosecutor will collect the amount due. 

Connection fee for 2021 is $10,764 along with a $25.00 permit fee. 

Anyone requesting a new connection/account (never been connected) to our system must contact the District Office as soon as you know that you will be needing a connection to our system.  
Additionally, each property owner shall be responsible for connecting their building lateral line to the sewer.  Applicable fees shall be paid at the time the inspection permit is issued.